That’s Not How a Relationship Works

So often and too often I think my journey as a Christian is like a short-sprint. All I am required to do is set-up on the block and take off at the gun—once I cross the line, I’m done! But that is actually the opposite of how life should work. Life with Jesus is not a sprint, it is a never-ending marathon. We need him to keep going—he is our energy and our inspiration. I’m sure I’m not the only one that has made this mistake, but that doesn’t make it okay. Praying continually means praying when we wake up, when we eat, when we succeed, when we fail, and every other opportunity in between. We need to remember that Christianity isn’t just a religion, but a choice: the permanent choice to follow Christ and to love Him beyond all expectations.

There is no reward in following the law if we are unable to accurately portray the love of Christ and radiate it onto our fellow brothers and sisters. Likewise, Christianity isn’t simply a religion; it is a lifestyle, a choice, and a relationship with someone who has superior capabilities and god-like control.

Think of it like this: if someone is mentoring you, wouldn’t you like to talk with them, pray with them, and pour out to them? Otherwise, how do they know what you need, where you are falling short, or that you would like help? A relationship with equivalent to this in many ways—except that God already knows your struggles and he knows your strengths. But he won’t help you unless you ask for it, and we also should be worshipping and praying with God daily.

Just like speaking to a girlfriend/boyfriend, God needs to talk you daily. He wants your attention, and he wants you to thrive. But if we don’t give God what he needs, how can he help us?

It would be the equivalent of asking a teacher/professor to boost your grade after the final exam had already been taken. They offered review sessions, their office door was always open, and you had all of their contact information. But you thought you could do it on your own; you thought you had the necessary tools. That’s not how life works! After all, why would you be taking this course called LIFE 101, anyway? Because God wants to teach you and help you, but he can’t do anything for you if you don’t seek Him until it is too late.

That should be our end goal, anyway: to praise Him daily, pray continually, and love others as He has loved us.

After all, that’s what Heaven will be like, and don’t you want to be prepared? Well, it’s highly unlikely we’ll reach Heaven if our first ever contact with Him is: “So, did I make the cut?”

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