I Am

At some point in your life, God will reveal to you His Greatness. You will revel in His Grace, and you will realize the power behind the statement “I Am.” As my walk with Christ has progressed, I’ve had epiphanic events of this strength more than once. One of those occurrences was today at my church. My pastor, finishing the church’s 11 month series, spoke on Revelation and the joy that we might experience in heaven if we give our live completely to Christ. To conclude the sermon, he unveiled a large check and invited us to sign away our life to Christ—emphasizing the fact that redemption was free, and all we had to do was sign it. It is a large decision, but one that is inexpensive for the value you would receive in return. Without hesitation, I signed it, and I have put in place some routine check-ups to make sure I don’t seek to rip up that very check I signed.

In Jesus’s statement, “I am the way the truth and the light,” there is so much more significance than initially evident. In Latin, the word for “way” is via, which means road. At that time, roads weren’t just composed of tar and yellow lines—they were complex layers of rock that became necessary for trade, travel, and even safety. As one might expect, these roads were not always perfect, and likewise we can expect our journey with Jesus to be a little bumpy at times. The road we are following Jesus on is not the Yellow Brick Road, and it surely isn’t a path straight to heaven. We can expect robbers, holes, detours, and unexpected stops to thwart our plans at almost every turn—but if we continue to trust Jesus and follow Him, we will always reach our destination. He allows us to stop and spread His Good News, learn new skills, fulfill our vocations, and ultimately grow in virtue and in spirit along the way.

The final destination, heaven, will be glorious. You can expect a perfectly paved road once you enter this territory. There will be no more robbers, sickness, disease, depression, or sin here. In order to get there, however, we must submit wholly to the Holy One. Jesus does not require that we pay him anything; he only requires that we follow him and sign our life over to Him. So the question remains: Are we willing to sign the check containing the balance of our lives to Jesus, or are we going to walk down the road alone?

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