Accepting the Truth Means Rejecting Ourselves

If it’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that I find it hard to accept and follow what I know to be true. And that’s because of my inner-self belief that I know what is best—it conflicts with what I know to be the truth. And that’s why accepting truth is a difficult feat; we first have to acknowledge that we are not of truth.

On route to discovering truth, we have to vividly assert that there is only one form of ultimate truth: Jesus Christ. We can’t find the truth in ourselves, and we shouldn’t find comfort in our identity unless it is rooted in Christ’s very being.

Furthermore, why should we care what people think of us? God died for us. Isn’t that enough? I shouldn’t care if people like me, or if people arbitrate my legitimateness. God has already secured my spot in eternity with his sacrifice—is that not enough? We sometimes get caught up in relative truth—but I assert that there is no such thing; there is only the truth of God, and nothing else matters.

Essentially, what I’ve realized, is that we find ourselves when we surrender to Jesus. When we give up our ways in favor of His, we are on the right path to truth and our true-selves.

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