Smothering the Fire with Love, not Hate

With the recent protests in Charlottesville upsetting the nation this week, there is a plethora of circulated emotions, first and foremost, frustration and anger. And following these emotions is the all but stereotypical counterpart: blame. When something erupts; fingers generally point. And the blame has fallen on some who definitely deserve it, and others who don’t. Morally, the blame must first fall upon the American members of the Nazi belief system and those who support White Supremacy. There is no place for such people in God’s Law, and therefore, they must not emulate what they have chosen to. In my opinion, they are living in a place of sin and despair, and they must turn to God to escape such a position. It is a position that is crippling America and freedom itself, and only God knows what can be done to reverse such racism. There is no question that these people are extremely lost and vile; but unfortunately meeting them with force will only result in more violence—whether it be physical or spiritual. I will pray for them to see God and His Love moving forward, as we all should.

But—back to the “blame game.” Who is responsible for this, anyway? Well, I’d argue that the perpetrator is actually everyone. Yes, that’s right, I am accusing myself too. We are all responsible for the scene in Charlottesville. Although it sounds outlandish, it is very true. It is no secret that America has become a hostile, political battleground, but really, it has become a place of brooding hate and unmeasured divisiveness. Hate has become our motto and our flag—we have forgotten what true freedom is, and more importantly, what love is.

We no longer “love thy neighbor,” we instead love whoever can provide us with progress. We love the people that please us; the people that give us hope. We no longer run that extra mile, we instead refuse to even start the race, because we just don’t feel like it. Our society now praises drama, conflict, and independence to the point that it has become venomous.

Bigotry, Racism, and Fascism are philosophies that should fail to exist in this world because of how putrid they are. However, we cannot fight these flawed ideologies with hate, because hate is what fuels them. You wouldn’t put out a fire with more fire; you would smother it. In this case, we must choose to smother these viewpoints with the opposite of what engenders them, or we are just contributing to what is already scorched soil.

It’s okay to be discontent with the way things are shaping up in America—it is in fact, normal, but it is not okay to believe the way to combat current events is with hate and disgust. There is a time to mourn and to pray, but what follows afterwards must be action. Justice will be achieved, but not by unjust means. People act in their own best interest, and we all deserve death except by the cross. None of us are too far gone to escape God’s Grace, lest I be condemned to hell as we all would be.

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