“I’m a Godless Heretic”

Upon taking a trip on the Long Island Railroad, I discovered the words: “I’m a Godless heretic not a God-fearing lunatic,” scratched into a window. Despite spelling and grammatical errors, I could very well interpret an occult message that had yet to be revealed to the person who actually wrote it: they clearly had no idea who God was/is. How could someone take pride in sin? Well, it could certainly be labeled an easy task in the face of ignorance. But it’s not different than the ignorance I possess on the daily; their’s just happens to be broadcasted by public transport and their pride.

We’re all in the same situation at times, unfortunately, because of the nature of sin. We think ourselves to be superior, whether by ignorance, or choice, and neither is better since they both lack truth.

Although a random set of words can amount to pure nothingness, such a phrase struck me as a great reminder that we should not take pride in ourselves, our intellect, and our experience, because without God, we are to be damned.

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