Being Heard Instead of Hearing

It seems as if the goal of most modern men is to be heard, but not to hear. This is evidently a mistake, but one that many will be stubborn in recognition. Why is it a mistake? It is a mistake because you cannot be heard if you do not have anything extremely important to say – anything that changes the conversation or has been built upon extreme reason and caution. We hear God because He is the most valuable and perfect being; we need His guidance. We do not hear teenagers because they are most likely ignorant and unsure. We do not hear those who are not yet ready to be heard, just as we do not milk a cow that has not blossomed into adulthood. You cannot dare to pull from a lacking resource – you can only continue to build upon its foundation.

The Latin phrase sapere aude always speaks to me! It means “dare to know” and it is a phrase most individuals should dwell upon. When I am in class, I speak decisively, and not because I have no concept of discussion or the topics that are being covered; I am not loquacious because I want to hear what the teacher opts to say, what the other students have discovered, and what I can think more closely about. I only speak when I have something relevant to say, and thence the cycle is not broken – it is only strengthened. I would much rather say share one mere constructive detail than launch a plethora of ideas that are potentially unrelated or even slightly ostentatious.

I personally assert that listening is extremely underrated, if unadvertised, but it is the most rewarding thing you can do. It is easy to spout views and opinions, but there are many who possess unspoken, unaltered wisdom, and I guarantee you will miss out if you find yourself obsessed with being heard by others. If your message is worthy of being heard, it will certainly be heard—so don’t worry about it!

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